Building on Success

I am so proud to be part of the Kent State family. Every day for eight years, I’ve bounded out of bed, because I know I’ll be working with and for the finest academic community I’ve ever known. And every night, I’ve closed my eyes feeling inspired, because I’ve seen our community unite to make a good university a great one.

We’ve met our challenges in countless ways. We’ve built positive momentum that is unprecedented, unparalleled and, I believe, unstoppable. We’ve been committed to excellence, and to being the architects of our own destiny. That’s led us to dream big dreams and bring them to life — for the sake of our students, our region and our state.

It’s also led to a transformation that will affect our future as much as the physical transformation of our campuses. You can feel it in the air: a renewed sense of pride, optimism and excitement. Leading Kent State into its second hundred years — and being part of so many milestone moments — has been the privilege of a lifetime.

I thank you, our donors, alumni and partners for helping us to forge a world-class university that will grow and flourish in the 21st century, and beyond.

Lester A. Lefton
President, Kent State University