The WKSU studio

Because music unites the community

Sandra Frerichs Kramer

Sandie is a retired elementary school teacher and supporter of the unique WKSU community.

Fans of WKSU, Kent State’s National Public Radio affiliate, attest that it’s not just another radio station. The mix of classical and folk music with national and area news can’t be found anywhere else. But the on-air hosts, whose knowledge and insight into their craft build credibility and connections with listeners, are the ones who create a community that’s special in its devotion and intimacy.

Sandie Frerichs Kramer is one of those longtime fans who view the station as an important part of their lives. The retired elementary school teacher believes in WKSU’s mission so much that she included a provision in her estate plans to create an endowment that will support classical music programming at the station. With her new fund, Sandie is ensuring that the music keeps playing — and the listening community continues to grow — for generations to come.