Students using new donated software

Because our students deserve every advantage

Rockwell Automation Software Gift

Rockwell Automation is a global provider of industrial automation, power, control and information solutions.

Students majoring in disciplines at the College of Technology need cutting-edge tools to ensure they’ll have the skills to thrive in a rapidly changing environment for jobs. Unfortunately, the software and equipment that are required to offer a comprehensive education would be beyond the resources of any institution.

Gifts like those from Rockwell Automation help the college prepare its students to enter the professional world with the ability to begin contributing immediately. This year, the Milwaukee-based company contributed 20 licenses for its Rockwell Automation Classroom Toolkit, a package that provides students all of the modeling and simulation elements they need to create a control and automation system. As they immerse themselves in the kind of hands-on learning that offers skill-development a traditional classroom education can’t replicate, students will build a resume that gives them the edge over peers with whom they’ll soon compete in a tight job market.